A Brief History

The book below explains, in a humorous way, a brief history of the Bay Hotel.
However, it has also had other note-worthy moments...

In 1935, the first feature film by J. Arthur Rank was filmed, partly on location in Robin Hood´s Bay. The film was called The Turn of the Tide and was based on the book Three Fevers, written by Leo Walmsley. It depicts the rivalry between two fishing families of Robin Hood´s Bay: The Storms and the Dukes, although in the book and the film the two families were called the Fosdycks and the Lunns respectively.

A plaque on the wall of the Bay Hotel commemorates this memorable event in film history and, indeed, in Robin Hood´s Bay´s history.

History Book

a copy of ´The History of the Bay Hotel´ in .pdf format can be downloaded here...

The History of the Bay Hotel download the PDF file.